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Stephen Holsenbeck

Northeastern University
Waltham, MA
I'm currently completing the Masters in Health Data Analytics program at Northeastern and I recently completed the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics. I've worked in web & graphic design, IT consulting, marketing, as a massage therapist and yoga instructor since 2009. I completed my undergraduate studies in 2008 in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology.
Feel free to peruse my resume, website, LinkedIn profile, Rpubs or Github accounts to learn more.

I enjoy systems of understanding personality, relationships, propensities and life paths. Systems such as sidereal astrology, destiny cards, Meyers-briggs, the Big Five, the Enneagram I find fun to explore when getting to know new people.
My interests at present tend to be concentrated in a couple of areas:
Yoga: I've been doing yoga since 2009 and teaching since 2011. My home practice is a (mostly) daily Ashtanga practice, I'm proficient with the primary series (4 yrs of practice with it now) and starting to work on the Intermediate series. Yoga philosophy is also an area of interest. I used to teach classes at Northeastern's Marino recreation center.
Meditation: I've been practicing daily since 2013 and have used Insight Timer to track progress over the years. There's actually a twitter account (@ascensionasana) that has a record of each session. If you use Insight timer, you can find me by searching "Stephen in Waltham." My practice is a modified practice similar to that expounded by SN Goenka that combines open awareness, focused attention, jhana and loving kindness techniques. I have a concurrent interest in Buddhist philosophy.
Veganism: I've was ovo/lacto/pescetarian between ages 21 - 28 and transitioned to a totally vegan diet in 2013. I've since aggregated a great deal of peer-reviewed studies, books, and information that have been used in advocacy efforts, and in mentoring individuals who are transitioning their diets. Veganism is a primary interest relative to health data analytics because it vastly decreases the risk of being developing 5 of the 10 most expensive chronic conditions: Ischemic cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer [1][2][3] 
Reading: Currently reading "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson. I recently finished re-reading (at the pace of no more than 1 passage a day) the Tao to Ching translated by Guy Leekley and listening to What Love Is by Carrie Jenkins on Audible. I recently finished the "The Engaged Spiritual Life" by Donald Rothberg and the collection of writings: Zig Zag Zen. I'm slowly making my way through the Majjhima Nikkaya, one sutta at a time.
Data Analytics: I continue to find more and more uses for R for tasks and decision making in my everyday life. Shiny dashboards, browser automation, reports & posters, automated investment treading algorithms, vetting potential employers, data extraction, cleaning and formatting, interfacing with APIs, and working with data in professional contexts are all common activities I use R & Rstudio for.
Web & graphic design: I serve as a webmaster for a retreat center in GA and continue to maintain a professional capacity as a web designer. I am proficient with Adobe Photoshop for most purposes, and can find my way around Illustrator pretty well.  Wordpress is my CMS of choice.
Media: Comedy, documentaries and music fill much of my free time. Duncan Trussel is probably my favorite comedian. I'm a fan of Alex & Alison Grey and the visionary art movement. Cameron Gray is one of my favorite artists. Seven Lions, Illenium & Porter Robinson are my favorite musicians at the moment.